Best Affordable Holistic Retreats Around The World

Best Affordable Holistic Retreats Around The World

Best Affordable Holistic Retreats Around The World

Let's face it, most people need a vacation to recuperate from their vacation. A holiday is a great way to enjoy some variety, which is supposed to be the “spice of life”, but that holiday can be seriously exhausting.

Many people gain weight while on vacation, eat foods that make them feel bad and have to fight the physical toll of traveling.

Exhaustion is only one side effect of travel. The strain on your budget and depletion of savings can also be a huge problem.

In some cases, you return from vacation less prepared than ever for the stress and routine of everyday life.

But, what if you could take a holiday without all of the negative results to your body and budget? What if you could take a holiday where you could get away from dull, stifling routine and gain healing, as well? With holistic hotels and inns, you can rebuild yourself without feeling like your are having to endure hardship.

Comfortable surroundings, modern amenities, and wellness packages can go hand in hand with the right holiday destination. Here is a run-down of 20 holistic retreats around the world that you will find shockingly affordable.

1. Sivananda, Bahamas

Sivananda is an Ashram yoga retreat in the Bahamas. You can combine yoga and beach sand at this full-service retreat with multiple discounts, depending on the type of healing package you prefer.

For example, for $116 a night, you get a private view of the ocean, a private bathroom and shower, and air conditioning and you can participate in yoga classes, satsangs, and workshops while you are there, and find yourself refreshed and energized at the end of your stay.

2. Hotel Weihrerhof

Located on the banks of the Wolfsgruber Lake, and in the shadows of the Dolomites, Hotel Weihrerhof is a beautiful getaway that offers hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, swimming, and many other outdoor activities.

You can enjoy their spa and take advantage of the RittenCard for transportation to local museums. This small, luxurious hotel offers full service for spa enthusiasts, families, and anyone looking for beauty and comfort.

3. Kalani

For 40 years, Kalani has been the South Pacific’s getaway holistic resort. Enjoy performing arts, yoga, and outdoor activities in the setting of tropical Hawaii.

Kalani is surrounded by organic farms, with access to tropical forests and oceanfront. $95 a night includes lodge room accommodations and gives you access to the sauna, Jacuzzi, yoga classes, gym, and gourmet meals.

Moreover, all proceeds from guest stay go into education, recreation, and Hawaiian cultural preservation within the poorest district in Hawaiʻi.

4. Paradis Plage

From the Surf House to the spa, and from yoga to the gym, you can find holistic healing at Paradis Plage.

This retreat in Monaco puts you right on the beach for surfing, and right near the mountains for hiking.

Monaco has one of the healthiest climates in the world, and when you combine this with yoga and spa treatments, you have the ideal holiday.

With junior suites (2 adults + 1 child) available at under 1000 euros/7 nights stay, this might just be the bargain deal for the entire family.

5. Galo Resort

On Madeira Island, you can choose from 3 Galo resort hotels. Luxury rooms or suites, access to pools, spas, Jacuzzis, and fine dining, all for as little as 50 euros a night.

These modern facilities provide climate control and comfortable beds, with views of nature and scuba diving packages for water lovers.

The Galo resorts also have access to a private beach and provide fully equipped gyms, along with yoga and massages.

6. Vitality Hotel Punta

The Vitality Hotel boasts green initiatives in its facilities, making a minimum impact on the environment.

You can select an anti-stress program specially designed for you, and enjoy yoga, spa, massages, and many other rejuvenating treatments in the beautiful landscape of Croatia.

 This hotel specializes in pulmonary rehabilitation for people of all ages who have chronic breathing problems. And, if you stay for 6 nights, you get the 7th night free.

7. Thanyapura

In Thailand, which is quite famous for its bargain holidays, you get to choose from multiple dream retreats for the body and soul. Thanyapura Health Resort is one of them.

You will have access to a full staff of health advisors to help with anti-aging therapies, regeneration, and well-being.

Your treatments will be specially designed for you, as will your diet and exercise routines. There are multiple detox, rejuvenating, weight-loss packages and discounted offers to choose from.

8. Svata Katerina Resort

An incredibly affordable retreat in the heart of the Czech Republic is Svata Katerina.

Either a wellness stay or romantic couples retreat, the resort is perfect for the outdoor lover and gives you access to the steam rooms, whirlpool, saunas, and all kinds of gym and fitness equipment.

Outdoor activities such as horseback riding, biking, and ice hockey are also available.

9. The Oitavos

Located on the picturesque Portuguese coast, the Oitavos provides luxurious accommodations, dining at several restaurants and bars, a place for your meetings and special events, and a therapeutic spa.

With affordable packages (check out their 2015 special offer), you can take advantage of a fully-equipped fitness room, Jacuzzi, spa, and pool.

Massage types include deep tissue, therapeutic, massage for two, hot stone massage, pre and post-natal massage, lymphatic draining massage, and pandas therapy.

10. Now Resort, Sapphire Riviera

If you plan a trip to Cancun, check out the Now Resorts – the Sapphire Riviera. Enjoy a tropical paradise with beautiful rooms and ocean access.

The spacious rooms, world-class spa, and excellent dining make this a true luxury destination worthy of your time (Girlfriends' Getaway offer anyone?), and sure to rejuvenate your body.

11. Kempinski San Lawrenz

The isle of Gozo is host to the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz. For 75 euro, you can enjoy exclusive spa treatments such as a rasul body exfoliation and mask, a reflex foot massage, a head massage, access to the buffet breakfast, and a discount on all other spa treatments during your stay at the hotel.

12. Porto Caras Grand Resort

The Porto Caras Grand Resort provides spa therapies for the whole family, including Thalassotherapy.

Return customers receive a discount, too, taking the 84 euro rate per night even lower. Enjoy the ocean, the beach, saltwater pools, relaxing massages and facials, and other spa services at the Porto Caras. And, you’ll stay in luxurious, climate-controlled rooms.

13. Grand Park Hotel and Spa

With a Cuddling Days package starting at 239 Euros, you can enjoy the spacious rooms and spa facilities (thermal water right in the hotel) of the Grand Park Hotel and Spa.

They have a team of doctors on staff to help diagnose and prescribe herbal treatments and spa therapies to rejuvenate your body.

Visit the Gastein Healing Caves, or take a dip in the Gastein Thermal Water, famed for treating rheumatism and arthritis.

14. SwaSwara

A full-service earth experience and reconnection with nature, your stay at the SwaSwara will include access to the meditation gallery, the Ayurveda yoga gallery, and classes in swastha, shanty, and prana yoga.

Specially prepared meals for your own dietary needs help to heal your body, as do spa treatments and nature walks.

15. Sianji Bodrum

At Sianji Bodrum, you can plan the most beautiful wedding, or take a spa retreat for as long as you need.

Your 7-day reservation includes a free massage and lymphatic draining. Receive anti-aging treatments, thalasso therapies, yoga, detox, and many other holistic treatments designed to purify your body and restore your health.

The large suites and villas are spacious and fresh, with all of the modern amenities you would want. There is always some kind of special discount available.

16. GI Jane Bootcamp

Not a classic holistic retreat that you would imagine, but tailor-made for "she who dares changes", at the GI Jane Bootcamp, you can book 2 “taster” days for 35 euros each, before you dive in with both feet.

You can sign up for a week-long camp, a mid-week camp, or a weekend camp, too. This camp will get you in shape and purge toxins from your body. Located on the Kent and Sussex borders, you will be surrounded by the quaint scenery of the countryside.

17. Jackie’s on the Reef

The name says it best. Literally situated on the sea shore, Jackie's facility lets you enjoy spa treatments right on the Caribbean Sea.

Your room will be beautiful, and Jackie’s on the Reef features spa access all year round. You can sleep in a stone Dome right on the ocean.

The serene setting gives you the opportunity to watch dolphins playing, the sun setting on the ocean, and dine on delicious, healthy foods. For 138 Euro per night, and a 4 night minimum, you will go home rejuvenated and happy.

18. Maya Tulum

At the Maya Tulum, you can book 2 half-day outings, yoga sessions with the instructors, and 3, 5, or 7 night stays.

All stays include spa treatments and meals. Your holistic retreat could begin with a three-night stay for 816 euros.

Receive aromatherapy massage, a deep tissue massage or a holistic massage in the spa and other types of therapies intended to help your body heal.

19. Satvada Retreats, Suffolk

Nurture your body and mind with a coastal retreat in Suffolk. The Satvada Retreats are suitable for individuals, couples, or families, and they offer weekend activities for those who don’t have time for a full holiday.

The slower pace of the English countryside is a perfect setting for your spa treatments, meditation weekend, or healthy eating lifestyle.

20. La Platriere

For a night or for weeks at a time, you can enjoy the fully-equipped cottages of La Platriere in France.

For a mere 250 euros for a 2-night stay and with the most affordable prices for longer stays, you can have a full kitchen and climate-controlled lodging with a private garden and barbeque.

While there, you can participate in life coaching-stress management sessions, and enjoy a massage that is sure to rejuvenate you.

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