Cheap Beautiful City In World To Move Freely

Cheap Beautiful City In World To Move Freely

Cheap Beautiful City In World To Move Easily

Maui - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Ok, Maui is actually an entire island, but what an adventure lies before you!

This destination has something for everybody, ranging from hikes up Haleakala, the dormant volcano, to golf on one of the 14 courses. Or, hang out on the beach, or visit Banyan Tree Park.

Shopping is always an option, with fine department stores and boutiques in abundance.

San Francisco - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Next on the list of best cities in the world to visit is San Francisco, California. A metropolitan city, the blending of cultures is constantly evolving

High-tech meets hippie in this foggy city, and the surf is up at Ocean Beach. Dine at Craftsman, or get a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Plovdiv  - Most Colorful City

Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s beautiful answer to Paris. This old city has been polished up since the days of Communism and is one of the newest additions to the itineraries of world travelers.

Ancient buildings are being restored and becoming museums and hotels. Cobblestoned streets, craft booths, and affordable shopping make you visit well worthwhile.

New York City - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

The street view from any corner in NYC is breathtaking. But that is nothing in comparison to the nightlife and food.

This is a shopper’s paradise, with Fifth Avenue calling your name. Attend the Met, or visit the Guggenheim Museum.

Tour Chinatown, or catch a Broadway production. NYC is good for what ails you, and you are bound to get a boost from The City That Never Sleeps.

Sydney - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

If you love the sun, the beach, and wonderful people, Sydney, Australia is the place for you.

It is often compared to London and NYC because it is a living, breathing, working city, rather than a tourist destination. Fine dining, finer hotels, and a laid-back lifestyle are the mark of your visit to Sydney.

Vienna - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Vienna, Austria is 650 years old, and celebrating its birthday. Don’t miss out on the fun and festivities.

Winner of the Mercer’s 2014 Quality of Living Award, this beautiful city blends opera and street food, designer clothing with dancing on the street. The historic setting is a tasty backdrop to your experiences in Vienna.

Puerto Rico - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Another island that should go on your “Colorful Cities to See” itinerary is Puerto Rico. Visit El Morro fort – it’s only 500 years old.

Or go spelunking through the Rio Camuy Caves. Oh, yes, there are beaches, too., Lots of beaches and surfing, snorkeling, and other water activities.

Quebec City - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

“North America’s Paris” is found in Canada. That would be Quebec City, and it has its own culture, just to be clear. If you are looking for a winter destination, this is the place to visit.

You can take ice skating lessons, visit the Ice Hotel, or visit multiple sites that are listed on the World Heritage Sites. This city is friendly to foot traffic, yet on the path of major airlines.

Chennai - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

The star of southern India is most definitely Chennai. This mega city is a curious blend of ancient temples and 5 star hotels. 2015 is supposed to be a big year for 

Chennai, as it plans to stake its claim to its rightful place as a holiday destination. Fast, climate-controlled trains take you to and from Chennai, and the culture is fascinating. Visit Dravidian temples that are literally covered with statues, or see amazing museums.

Rio de Janeiro - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Most people think of Carnival when they hear the name “Rio.” And if a carnival is not colorful, then what is? However, there is much more to see and do in this Brazilian Mecca than fight crowds at Carnival.

Warm weather, Copacabana Beach, and the incredible views from Sugar Loaf are enough of a draw. Throw the samba into the mix, and you’ve got a worthy addition to your holiday travels.

New Orleans - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

The French Quarter rides on a paddleboat, Bourbon Street – all elicit images of a dizzying lifestyle and delicious food.

Drago’s is a popular spot to find fresh oysters, and Felix serves crayfish – or crawdads if you will – cooked just about any way you want.

Food and drink almost exclusive to NOLA will move to the top of your menu choices, and the music is everywhere.

Toronto - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

For a truly metropolitan experience, go to Toronto, Canada. You will hear over 140 languages on the streets, and the Pan Am Games are being held there in 2015. 

While the architecture of this city is nothing to brag about, the nightlife certainly is. The food, too, is some of the best in the world, and representative of as many countries as there are languages.

Bora Bora - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

If the metropolitan bustle of Toronto and NYC tire you rather than energize you, take a trip to Bora Bora.

Yes, this is another island, rather than a city, but it surly counts as much as Maui, right? Sand, beaches, surf, and snorkeling are popular, as are hikes up Mount Otemanu. Take a dip in the lagoon, and then dine on fresh seafood.

Siena - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Italy is home to Siena, and this picture-postcard, perfect city is sure to give your mood a boost, just because it is so pretty. Described as an elegant city, and dining is as elegant.

The Osteria Le Logge, with its glass walls surrounding the kitchen, lets you watch as meals are prepared. Tuscan dining was created here, and you’ll find the Cathedral to be stupendous.

Gallipoli - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Gallipoli, located near the legendary city of Troy, is also close to the Dardanelles. The city is approaching its 100th birthday, so celebrations should be over the top this year.

The Troy Archaeological Park, along with the museum that has been recently opened, is a fascinating study. The area is steeped in military history, and a great place to see relics and battlefields.

Vancouver - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

If you are an outdoor person, Vancouver is the place for you. A Temperate climate combines with vast outdoor spaces to create the finest blend of big city and wilderness.

Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge are all great day-trips. Spend the day hiking then return to the city for fine dining.

Beirut - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

While the Middle East may be in turmoil, Beirut is still a popular destination for travelers. Food and shopping are at their peak in this city.

At the restaurant Souk el Tayeb, you will see a different Lebanese chef working his craft. The hotels are wonderful – some of the best in the world, and transportation is quick and easy.

Salisbury - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Salisbury is usually seen as a city to visit as you are on your way to Stonehenge. However, this city stands on its own foundations with its 800th birthday coming up. Or, rather, the Magna Carta was signed 800 years ago, in Salisbury.

The Cathedral is breathtaking, with several records being held – it has the oldest working clock in England, the tallest spire, and the largest cloister.

Edinburgh - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

The very name “Edinburgh” elicits thoughts of castles, pubs, plaid, and kilts. That is enough to keep even the most intrepid explorer busy, but there is more. Visit in the winter, and you can participate in Hogmanay celebrations. In the summer, the theater rules. Great food and welcoming hotels and inns make your trip relaxing and enjoyable.

Bangkok - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Another city that combines futuristic architecture and lifestyle with authentic folk-lore, Bangkok is one of the most interesting cities on the list.

The world’s monetary geniuses may travel by rickshaw, only to “hang out” here in glass-walled buildings. A bustling nightlife, advanced skill in dealing with a tourist industry, and healthy competition make this a great destination.

Macau - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Macau is known as the Las Vegas of China. This glamorous city makes 6 times more money with gambling that its inspiration city.

The gaming tends to overwhelm the city, but beneath the gambling, there is a peaceful, multi-cultural vibe. Macau was settled by the Portuguese, and influenced by Africans, Indians, Europeans, and Chinese as well.

Fine dining and luxury hotels will make your stay enjoyable, and your winnings will put you in a good mood.

Zurich - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

A city of art, Zurich has over one hundred art galleries. In addition, there are several famous museums. However, there is more.

Lake Zurich provides water sports and fishing in the summer, and you can hike at Uetilberg and Rhine Falls. Zurich also has a thriving night life, and good restaurants and hotels.

Luang Prabang - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

In Laos, the colorful city of Luang Prabang lures visitors with its blend of Lao and French architecture. The Kuang Si Falls is nearby, as is the Phou Si temple. This temple gives a 360 degree view of the entire area, which contains the Nam Khan and the Mekong rivers.

Montreal - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Families love Montreal, with its amusement park and Biodome. With boutiques and antique shops housed in buildings built in the 1700s, the ambience of this city is relaxing and welcoming.

Go shopping, enjoy the nightlife, or visit museums and historical markers, returning to your comfortable hotel room every evening.

Krakow - Most Colorful Cities of the world for travel

Krakow, Poland, was named the “City of Literature” by UNESCO. This is the next-to-largest city in the country, and home to 3 different Nobel Prize Winners.

There are about 30 book festivals in Krakow, held throughout the year, and one of the oldest universities on the planet is there. You can also see original work by da Vinci.

Cape Town - most colorful cities in the world

Cape Town is known as a town where you can find everything. Go mountain hiking in the mornings, sunbathe on the beach in the afternoon, and enjoy delicious German cuisine in the evening.

Local vineyards offer tours and samples, and the Greenmarket Square is open to the public. Enjoy museums and a lively night life, too.

Santa Fe  -  most colorful cities in the world

Santa Fe, New Mexico is renowned for its artesian lifestyles and Southwest design. Most buildings in the area are adobe, and the city is steeped in Native American history, as well as Hispanic heritage.

Visit the Basilica Cathedral of St. Francis, shop in unique, privately owned shops of craftsmen and artists, then dine on distinctly Southwest cuisine at any of the amazing restaurants in town.

Prague - most colorful cities in the world

Some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe is found in Prague. This ancient city is home to the quirky and the commercial, as well as fine pubs and legendary beers.

Prague is also home to symphony, opera, and many other cultural exchanges. Even better, it is quite affordable.

Budapest - most colorful cities in the world

Budapest is a favorite destination for people seeking the thermal baths. These legendary springs are renowned for their curative powers.

But, there is much more to Budapest than the baths. Museums, art galleries, and a glimpse at medieval times are also part of your visit, as is the vibrant nightlife.

Siem Reap - most colorful cities in the world

You have probably heard of Angkor Wat, but Siem Reap is as breathtaking. The city is busy and active, with one of the most dynamic food scenes of any city.

They are making the royal cuisine of the Khmer well known and popular. The temple, of course, is a big draw, as well.

Jerusalem - most colorful cities in the world

Jerusalem is a city sought by tourists and pilgrims alike. Divided into 3 cities – the Old City and West and East Jerusalem – there are 7 gates through which you can enter the city.

Besides the classic Christian sites, you can enjoy shopping and dining in fine restaurants. Visit markets and various areas of this amazing city, and leave feeling renewed.

Rome - most colorful cities in the world

Rome may require more than one trip, if you want to see everything. The good news is that the Pantheon is free.

The Eternal City is a warren of cobblestoned streets and alleyways that can lead you to a series of adventures. But the museums, the shopping, and the food can’t be underestimated. Rent a bike and spend your holiday sightseeing.

Hong Kong - most colorful city in the world

Hong Kong is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The juxtaposition of glass and metal skyscrapers with the lush vegetation is almost guaranteed to fill you with awe.

And, besides sightseeing and shopping, you can go to Disneyland Hong Kong, the racetrack, and to Ocean Park. There is much to do in Hong Kong, and plenty to see.

San Miguel De Allende - most colorful city in the world

Sporting both Neoclassical and Baroque architecture, the entire city of San Miguel De Allende is known as a World Heritage Site.

This is a Mecca for artists, who travel from all corners of the Earth to be there. Therefore, you’ll see a plethora of galleries and museums in the city. You’ll also find luxury hotels and fine dining.

Charleston - most colorful city in the world

Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the United States. Palm trees line the streets of this city, and the Atlantic Ocean is within sight.

The Battery is worthy of its own tour, and Rainbow Row is resplendent in pastel colored houses. And, don’t forget about the food. Charleston is the hub of Southern cooking, and you’ll find great restaurants there.

Florence - most colorful city in the world

Florence, Italy, may well be the most desired and favorite city for travelers. The old-world feel and modern amenities make this the perfect destination.

Enjoy the culture, art, and history of this great city, as well as the fine dining and luxury accommodations.

And, don’t forget the Gucci Museum. There you have it! 49 colorful cities that are bound to give you a mood boost.

Whether you want architecture, nature, nightlife, or history, these cities have something for everybody. 49 cities are a lot to visit, so you’d better get busy!

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