Cheap Price Destination Tourism Spot for Every Individual

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

In the center of Croatia, you will find the oldest park in all of Southeast Europe. Over 1 million people visit this park every year.

The string of 16 lakes cascade into each other, as they are strung together and interconnected with streams and underground karst rivers.

The lakes also vary in colors based on the number of minerals and types of organisms present in the water.

2. Sailing or Kayaking on Greenland’s Icefjord

You can kayak and sail amongst hundreds of icebergs of Greenlands’s Icefjord. Most visitors say it is best to fly in, to get the full experience and overview of the Icefjord.

These hundreds of icebergs came from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier. You can also take the ferry to the area.

Your ship will feel minuscule next to the giant icebergs. You can enjoy fine dining and a midnight cruise during your stay.

3. Te Wahipounamu, New Zealand

The Te Wahipounamu park is in the southwestern part of New Zealand. It was formed by the procession of glaciers, which formed rocky coastlines along deep fjords.

High cliffs overlook these same fjords, into which waterfalls and lakes continuously feed freshwater.

800-year-old trees cover most of the park and provide a home to two species of rare birds: the kea and the takahe.

4. The Tree/Water House Resorts, India

All of the accommodations of the Tree House Resort are either in the trees or elevated on stilts.

You can make reservations for over-water bungalows with easy access to nearby activities.

You can enjoy the sound of flowing water and rustling trees or take part in local camel cart rides. You can also take nature walks, go cycling, or play tennis, or billiards.

5. Rainforest, Malaysia

The rainforest of Malaysia is considered the oldest on the planet. Estimated at over 130 million years old, it is right on the equator.

This lush rainforest is home to hundreds of animals and plants that are perfectly at home in this undisturbed area.

The Tembeling River is the main transport route, from which you may see some of the elephants, leopards, tigers, and wild ox that live in the forest.

6. Antiparos Island, Cyclades

Antiparos Island is located in the Aegean sea. This small isle is a great location for your retreat.

You approach on a ferry, and you’ll find lovely white cottages lined with gardens and connected with cobbled streets.

This is a tourist stop, so there is plenty of lodging and dining. The ocean breezes, beachcombing, and fishing give you a great chance to escape the daily grind.

7. Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is a separate island state as part of Australia. Rich in art, music, and with a long history of fine cuisine, Tasmania is more and more a destination for those seeking retreat.

Comfortable, even luxurious spa facilities and hotels make your stay comfortable, or you can select more natural surroundings for your stay.

Every kind of sport is possible on this island. Remote, isolated natural settings can soothe the soul and heal the body, Each of these 17 destinations will help you to rest, and provide plenty to do if you want a little activity.