Soothing Destinations For The Nature Lover

Soothing Destinations For The Nature Lover

You can become one with nature as you climb a mountain or dive to the depths of the world’s oceans.

You can discover the varied life while journeying across Earth’s deserts or see some of the most amazing life forms by traveling through a rain forest.

Dive into a bottomless lake, or simply float on the surface. Go spelunking into obscure caves and caverns.

Maybe you would like to go kayaking through crystal clear waters and watch beautiful ocean fish, or paddle into almost inaccessible caves along rocky ocean shores.

Experience the sound of a remote waterfall and feel the cleansing mist on your face. Whatever your desire, in the midst of nature, you can find food and shelter to make your holiday a soothing retreat.

You have probably heard of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S.A., and The Great Barrier Reef just off the coast of Queensland, Australia. But, have you ever heard of the Tree House Resort in India, or considered Tasmania, Australia as a vacation spot?

The truth is, there are so many unique, beautiful, breathtaking places to visit on this planet that it was hard to put a shortlist together, so we ended up writing about 17 of the most incredibly amazing getaways, simply perfect for nature lovers.

1. El Silencio Lodge & Spa, Costa Rica

A perfect example of luxury in the midst of nature is El Silencio Lodge & Spa. Located in Costa Rica’s highlands, above the central volcanic range, the full-service spa is rivaled only by the grandeur of nature.

Not only is the lodge surrounded by forests and waterfalls, it is a part of what Costa Rica calls its “cloud forest”. It is a mere 90 drive from the San Jose airport.

2. Amarnath Cave Trek, Kashmir, India

If you are up to a more physically demanding retreat, consider the Amarnath Cave Trek, in Kashmir India.

This cave, surrounded by snow-covered mountains, is the destination of thousands of Hindus every year who make the pilgrimage.

Considered to be a temple, the cave has a huge ice stalagmite within that is Shiva Linga to the Hindus.

3. Engstligen Waterfalls, Switzerland

Since 1948, the Engstligen Waterfalls have been protected as a national park in Switzerland. Located near Adelboden, you can enjoy luxury accommodations in town and visit the waterfall at your convenience.

There is easy transportation to and from the falls, but there are also abundant hiking and sports opportunities, as well.

4. Meditation Retreat, Bali

If you long for a retreat from the demands of everyday life, if you long for a chance to heal your mind, spirit, and body, then try a meditation retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

This island has long been a magnet for those seeking inner peace. Enjoy spa treatments along with visits to the holy waters of the island. You can take classes on how to prepare healthy, natural meals, too.

5. Ras Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

In Zanzibar, you will find the Ras Nungwi Beach. Some of the best fishing in the country is located just off of this beach, with plenty of sports fishing opportunities and lodging that is comfortable and affordable.

Besides excellent fishing, you can observe one of the largest populations of turtles in the world. Enjoy the sun, beach, and rest of this wonderful beach.

6. Molokai, Hawaii

The island of Molokai, Hawaii is rich with both marine life and with natural wildlife. This historic island is the source of much of the religion and tradition of the Hawaiian islands.

 Molokai is largely undeveloped, giving visitors a chance to get away from fast food and movie theaters.

The lifestyle of natives of Molokai is centered around living off of and coexisting with nature.

7. Sinai Desert, Egypt

With a holiday to the Sinai Desert of Egypt, you can cleanse your body and soul in the pristine surroundings traveled for millennia by saints and sinners, alike. This is a fasting retreat, during which, for 3 days, you will have nothing but water. From a distance, Bedouin carriers will watch your progress and make sure you are doing alright. The rest of your 8-day trip is comfortable and scenic.

8. The Camino, Compostella Hiking Trails, Spain

The Camino is a network of hiking trails that lead pilgrims to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

For hundreds of centuries, those who traverse the trails have sought spiritual cleansing, escape from routine and mental and physical discipline.

You’ll travel from the coast through villages and hills until you reach the mountains.

This is the inspiration for Shirley MacLaine’s book “The Camino”, and Martin Sheen’s movie “The Way.”

9. Buddhist Monastery, Koyasan, Japan

Peace, quiet, and fresh air are the focus at the Buddhist Monastery in Koyasan, Japan. The Rengejoin Temple offers authentic Buddhist monk lodging.

You’ll sleep on a futon in a traditional room with the iconic sliding walls made of bamboo and paper.

You’ll be a part of the morning meditation rituals, right alongside the monks. Meals will be the same vegetarian fare that the monks themselves prepare and enjoy.

10. Meet a Mongolian Shaman

The Taiga lands of Mongolia are covered with forests, meadows, and reindeer. The nomadic Tsaatan tribes tend and herd these reindeer.

They are renowned for their shaman, who serves as an advisor, healer, and a priest for tribal members.

You can ride with the Tsaatan, camp on the shores of mountain lakes, and get insights into the spirit from the shaman himself.