Kya Hai Bajaj Finance or Finserv - What is Bajaj Finance or Finserv?

Kya Hai Bajaj Finance or Finserv - What is Bajaj Finance or Finserv? 

Topic covered in this post

How can we get a loan from Bajaj Finance?

What documents will be required for us to be eligible for Bajaj Finance Services? 

And what other terms and conditions have to follow 

Then we have to pay many Hidden Charges 

Kya Hai Bajaj Finance or Finserv - What is Bajaj Finance or Finserv? 

So friends, we first talk about what is Bajaj Finance is a financial service company of Bajaj Under which the bajaj of his customers According to his Documents and Credit Score 

Give some money in the form of a loan And the customers want to keep their money for months According to him, he puts Interest on those loaning money And the amount of money that gets total money with interest 

Those Money The number of days the customer wants to keep According to him, Money is divided into EMI or Installment 

Through which the loan taker Each month a small portion of your loan amount has to be paid to the company And in this process You Paid the Whole Amount of the loan. 

And there is no pressure on it So, 

This is the total Processiser to take a loan from bajaj 

So, Friends Now if we want to borrow from Bajaj Finance Then which Documents need and what conditions have to follow 

Konse condition follow Karna hogi

First Condition for Bajaj Finance or Finserv 

If you want to take a loan from Bajaj Finance then you must be 21 years to 58 years of age. 

Second Condition for Bajaj Finance or Finserv 

It is You want to take a loan from Bajaj Finance, by whose name They Should have Job In any Place Whether it is a government job or a job in an MNCs or private company

Means who have their salaries should come regularly in their Bank account As Income And the 

Third Condition for Bajaj Finance or Finserv 

 you want to take a loan on Whose name of He / She Must Be Citizen Of India

This is friends all three condition 

Konse documents lagange loan ke leye

Now comes on the documents Here are four documents needed by MANLIER 

First Document for Bajaj Finserv

The first document that is KYC Documents KYC Documents contain your PAN card and Aadhaar card  

Second Document for Bajaj Finserv

Is that Employ ID Card If you do a job then wherever you work From that you should have received a card so that you will recognize who you are That is Employ ID Card The Employ Id Card is also very important here And the 

Third Document for Bajaj Finserv

Salary Slip If You are doing job the you are getting salary And If you are getting Salary the you must know about salary Slip So here you will have to pay salaries slip for the last 2 months So now it comes to the Friends 

Fourth Document for Bajaj Finserv

 Statement of Salary Account Statement of last 3 month In which your salary comes regularly Friends, 

These four documents are very important. So it is now that if you are eligible for loan from Bajaj Finance 

Offline And Online Method of Loan In Bajaj Finance and Finserv

Then how you will get a loan So here are two ways to take a loan from Bajaj Finance The first Way is offline and the other way is online. 

So we talk first about Offline Friends, if you take a loan Offline So you have to go to the office of Bajaj to take all these documents. 

There you will verify all your documents with Bajaj Finance And after that, they will decide how much you can get a personal loan And as many amounts will be decided for you 

You can get it in your bank account within 24 hours. This means that you have the process of taking a total loan will be completed in 24 hours. 

Offline Process For Bajaj Finserv Loan

So this is the friend's process of offline 

The most important thing in which the city you live in must be the office of Bajaj Finance. 

Which is not available in many city So what does he do not have in the city? So first of all check that if you have an office of Bajaj Finance in your city So

 How do you Check

You have to go to any web browser and search there. Bajaj Finance Branch When you search, the first result will be that of the branch locator.

Means Bajaj Finance Branch Locator So let's click on it's go to it's webpage As soon as you go to its webpage, you will see two options on it.

First Select State and Second Select City So by clicking on the Select State, you can get any state You have to select your state 

After selecting, friends have the second option, 

Select City So you will click on it as soon as So the state you selected In that state where there is an office of Bajaj Finance 

They will show the names of all cities in that State If you have the name of your city then you can select it and get the address and number 

But if your city does not name is not available It means that there is no office of Bajaj Finance in your city Those who do not have an office in their city, how they will take a loan. 

Another way is for them Online Process But how do you take a loan from online 

There is nothing more to take online loan Normally in your smartphone by visiting Playstore To install the official application of Bajaj Finance 

So if you do not get an official application of Bajaj Finance on Playstore

 After installing it is to open the application When you open, it will ask for 4 or 5 permissions, which is to be allowed. 

After Allowed, there will see two options The first option that will be the New Customer and the Second of the Exiting Customer 

You have to click on new custmer As soon as you go to a new customer, you will see two options again there. Salaried and Self Employed

You have to click on Salaried As soon as you go to the salaried there will be a list of all the loans that you can get as much loan as you can 

Which will be the top of the personal loan 

The bottom of the personal loan will show you how much you can get from this loan.

 And in front of the same Will show how much time a loan can get Under which you will be showing 24 hours of time under the personal loan 

Within 24 hours, you can complete all the process of online and get a loan amount in your bank. 

And it will have two buttons again The first button will be Apply Now and the second button will be See Details If you still want to know some information about the Personal loan By clicking on the see details 

You can learn everything about that loan And if you have to apply, then Apply 

Now we want to take personal loan, we will click on that button below the personal loan. As soon as we click on Apply Now, 

It will again get two options. First Salaried & Second Self Employed Then we have to click on Salaried again And as soon as we Click on the salaries, 

A Webpage will open in the same application. In which we have to fill some basic details Ex. Name Father's name, Date of Birth, Salary Amount ,Will all be filled So after filling all the information you will get a Next button in the last you have to kick on that 

Bajaj Finance Email Id Kya Hai

As soon as you click on it Then a webpage will open up again In which you have to fill in some information related to Job The first column in which of the work Email ID Let me tell you that work Email ID is not like your Email After Work Email Id if any company has a company name after @ .com And if there is a website Work Email then the website is named and .com 

As we assume that the company name is the company Then After is It's not like that 

So you have to know from your company what their work Email ID is And that's what you Fill there And in Second Column What is your posting in the job? 

After that You are been single, married, or have been divorced, whatever is whatever you have to fill After that Column, the house you live in is in your house or it is your rent or you buy that house, whatever you have done, you have to fill it. 

And the last is friends You have to fill in your personal email. So that the company could talk to you And after that friends, next button will come Again you have to click Next This time as soon as you click on the next, 

Then the information you have Filled behind She will show all the information And if there is a mistake in it then you can improve it by clicking on the back

But if that's all right then you can click Confirm And as soon as you click Confirm, Your loan is applied. Friends will tell there that a representative of Bajaj Finance will call you after some time And will take all the information from you

 Whatever you have filled up now And he will give you all the information about that Personal Loan After that if you have to take a loan then you can get Approval of Loan 

And after approval, you can also cash out the loan money in your bank account within 24 hours. 

So this is the matter of taking a loan Now it comes that if we take a loan, then we will have to give an interest of how much.

Kya hai Bajaj Fianace Ka Intereset rate Kya hai

Friends, if you take a personal loan from Bajaj Finance So you have to pay an interest rate of 12.99% Of full loan amount Yearly

And if you take a loan, then how much time will you get for the loan repay 

Here you can get 12 months to 60 months For Repay loan You will get as much as you want 


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