Erdal Beşikçioğlu will play the wife of Halis Free in Bergen

The life of master artist Bergen, who was killed by his ex-wife years ago, becomes a movie. Farah Zeynep Abdullah will play Bergen in the movie, while Erdal Beşikçi will play the ex-wife Halis Özgür.

The male lead actor of the movie 'Bergen', which will tell the life of the arabesque artist Bergen , known as 'Woman of Pain', has been announced. In the project, Erdal Beşikçioğlu will give life to his wife, Halis Free, with whom Bergen had a love for a long time, throwing bitterness on her face and then ending her life.


The artist, who accepted the offer for the production to be set in Adana soon, started working immediately. Besikçioğlu, who made a name for himself in every project he played, is working on his role by watching the book written about Bergen, the news and videos of that period Farah Zeynep Abdullah will play Bergen in the project.


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