Earn money from home 100% free – Best freelancer jobs portal in India

Earn money from home 100% free - Best freelancer jobs portal in India

If you are jobless or want to work online and earn money online using your android devices or computer. If you want to earn money in dollars or want to earn approx 100$ per month.

Then here is something great for you which will help to earn money in these crisis days and during many of hurdle in life.

If you want to earn from online medium then here is some good news for you lest check out.

Freelance jobs can be found on these portals between job crisis

The lockdown after the Coronaviru outbreak has severely affected not only the nation but also the job market of the entire world.

No sector has remained untouched from the automobile sector to the aviation industry and from export to manufacturing.

According to the survey estimate of National Sample Survey and Periodic Labor Force Survey, about 136 million jobs in the country are under threat. According to the same Federation of Indian Industry, if the tourism industry is not re-established by October, then 20 million jobs can go.

Meanwhile, jobs are going on in many industries and there is a crisis on the hiring of recently graduated youth. If you are also feeling this crisis, then due to being disappointed, you can register on some freelance website and search for jobs to the best of your ability.

With this, not only will you be able to earn income, but you will also be able to progress in your career.

Know about some web portals that do extensive freelance job listings.

It is important to know here that on some of these portals you may have to pay tax, while the company does not provide benefits like health insurance retirement plans.

Best freelancer jobs portal for you

LinkedIn profinder best freelancer job portal

LinkedIn profile gives a platform to work like a virtual team

There is every possibility that if your LinkedIn profile is present then why not take full advantage of it

With over 420 million members and a presence in 200 countries, Transaction is a great way to connect with professionals.

And recently Langdon has also prepared to enter the field of Reliance with Profinder, where small industrialists and professionals hire freelance accountants, bookkeepers, designers, copywriters etc. for themselves.

Not only this, the profinder career provides anything. Which makes you prepare for the interview by reviewing your resume so that you can proceed in Reliance career.

Top rated best freelancer job portal for porfessional

Upwork for top rated professionals

Apart from being one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world, Upwork is also recognized as a top-rated website.

The platform has over 30 domains offering many jobs ranging from design to development, accounting, marketing, writing, sales, ethical hacking, and customer service.

Upwork takes the first pass received by you on its platform, which is 20% of the fees and then 5% as fees, largely for the top-rated professionals and it can be difficult to get this profile approved. best freelancer job portal for professionals

Earn money from home 100% free - Best freelancer jobs portal in India

Part time best freelancer job portal

People per hour to work per hour

As the name suggests, A Portal is an online marketplace for hourly talent hire. The portal has been doing the work of providing web-based projects to freelancers for the last decade.

The collaborative streaming feature of this project helps freelancers to take the help of human resources and work as virtual teams.

In this way, it not only helps you to build a network but also to create good client relations which are necessary to make future jobs secure. Here payment bouncers are made in Euros only.

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Best freelancer jobs portal duo-personality

Fiverr gives opportunities for freelance in many domains

The platform has been launched with the objective of buying and selling freelancer ability

This service starts at just $ 5, which increases by work complexity, skill, demand and time.

This portal offering over 30 dominees is popular among millions of users. Here you get agriculture where clients post a gift of their need, freelancers who keep the skill sets related to it give their beds and they get the job done.

Fiber can prove to be a good platform especially for beginners with different skill sets.

Best freelancer job portal for team worker

Freelancer gives opportunity to participate in gang competition

The platform has a user base of over 30 million in 247 countries around the world.

By adding this website, you can get jobs for coding, web development, graphics, accounting, data entry, writing, sales.

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