Best latest Android apps for you in this year (2020) to install in phone

Best latest Android apps for you in this year (2020) to install in phone

Hello, everyone, this is a note from Gyanise that means more new apps for your phone and today in this article we are going to describe you the Best latest Android apps for you in this year (2020) to install in phone which you should check out so let’s begin with the top 10 apps of the month and as usual, we will describe the apps in random order so let’s begin.

Best android apps for 2020

Walkie- talkie communication

walkie talkie communication is a very simple app and as the name suggests it’s a walkie talkie app I was looking for a similar app for so long but either the Abdul work properly or there were so many ads in them but this app is really good so all you need to do is select a frequency and then tell it to your friends and they just need to input the frequency and hit the power button and that’s it now you can use your phone as a walkie-talkie and in this app,
you can also use the push-to-talk as well you can also select different colors for your walkie-talkie this app is available for both Android and iOS as well as you can use it from your desktop through the website overall if you’re looking for an app to communicate quickly and easily with your friends then this is the app to check out next up we have in our list is the

New best app for wallpaper



AmoledPix is a wallpaper app which is not of high-quality 4k wallpapers and this app is specially designed for MLA displays there are a lot of wallpapers in the app any ones are getting added daily apart from that you can choose from 30 different categories and there is also an option to search the wallpaper by colors the app design is pretty good and overall
I find is the app really easy to navigate and there are plenty of all wafers to choose from you can also mark any wallpaper as your favorite and it will appear in your favorites section in the app there is a section for popular wallpapers as well as a separate section on the home page for superhero wallpapers overall I find this new wallpaper app really good so do give it a try the free version of the app is ad-supported but thanks to the developer of the app we have hundred promo codes to give away to remove the ads for 90 days

Best android app for notes sharing and uploding

Best android app for notes sharing and uploding


The envelope is a very simple app which allows you to upload and share files with your friends or colleagues easily there is no limit no tracking and all your files are kept private for you this app runs on block stack which means you have the control over your files and we can set up your storage by just creating a free block stack account talking about the interface of the app it’s really simple and minimalistic and you just need to choose the file which you want to upload once uploaded now you have the link which you can share it you can also delete any file which you have uploaded earlier and link to that file will not work afterward overall envelope is a nice and simple app to share your files quickly

Best android application for watermark 

Watermark remover

watermark remover as the name suggests this app is a watermark remover  it can use this app to remove the watermark from any photo or a video we just need to select the remove watermark option and then choose a photo or video from which you want to remove the watermark and after that you would need to highlight the area which has the watermark and once you process and save the file you will see that there is no watermark in the photo or the video this app is really simple to use and it works perfectly apart from removing the watermark you can also add watermark to any photo or video the free version of the app is ad-supported but for this, the developer gave us 50 promo codes

Best latest app for Email

Best latest app for Email

Post box

Post box helps you to minimize distractions by holding the notifications until a time that suits you you can simply choose how often you would like to see your notifications and you will get the notification from the app that your notifications are ready the interface is neatly organized and you can see the notifications within the app as well you can also choose to see the notification without waiting for overall this app is a part of digital well-being experiment 
I really find it useful as now I can see all the notification in one go at the selected time next staff 
we have in our list is the mobile player nobody player allows you to listen to your favorite music in the applicant search for any song and then you have three options first is to watch and listen to the music directly in the app or you can save it to your phone as an mp3 or a video file and using the built-in the app where you can listen to your saved songs any time the app interface is not that good but functionality wise it works perfectly 
I was able to find most every song in this app and overall for free music and videos you can check out this app next app we have in our list is the logo designer allows you to create logo for free you can use the app to create and design different type of logos this app has 5000 plus logo templates which will help you to get
best logo for you in just few minutes there are a lot of options and it can change fonts colors in already made logo template getting a logo made from a professional designer is very expensive and if you’re a startup or looking to create your own app then you can definitely use this app and design your own logo for free overall
I find it’s a pretty useful because of the customization option and the app also has the option to save the logo with no background or as we know it not PNG format which is really good

New best app 

Desert island

Desert island is also a part of Google Digital well-being experiment and this app helps you to find focus by challenging you to go a day without your essential apps at the time of setup you can simply select up to 7 apps which you want to use or are most important for you
I can try using the phone like this for some time I have used this launcher for a couple of days and
I find that it actually helped me to reduce my phone usage by one third about the app design it’s basically a piece of paper which has your essential app listed at the bottom the app UI is designed purposely in this way which sort of helps you to use a phoneless

 Best app for your better Health


Water reminder

Water reminder as a name suggests reminds you to drink water I have featured similar apps in this series but recently we came across two what a reminder and because of the design and functionality I find this app actually the best water reminder app
I have used so far the user interface is really good and at a time of setup we just need to select your wake up and sleep time and the app automatically suggest to you the water intake you can manually add the water intake data as well as choose the size of glass for your water intake which is missing in most of the other apps apart from that you get frequent reminder to drink water which is really helpful overall water reminder.
It is a wonderful app so do give it a try and the last app we have in our list is the unlock clock yes it’s one more app which will sort of help you to reduce your phone usage and basically it’s a live wallpaper which shows you how many times
you have a loggia phone in a day the counter keep on rising as and when you unlock your phone it’s really funny that sometimes I’m unlocking the phone just to see the counter moving but overall I like the idea behind this app and it will for sure help you to reduce your phone usage so that’s it guys this was the Best latest Android apps for you in this year (2020) to install in phone

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