Check Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and apple iOs

Check Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and apple iOs

Check Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and apple iOs
Did you ever try these all apps in your life which is the best app for you this year and your mobile phone is not then I will suggest you to Check Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and Apple iOs?Which will enhance your mobile experience and change the way of using mobile by these Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and Apple iOs


Dashlane is a password manager with safely store your passwords you can save an organized password in vaults which you can protect with your fingerprint or pin and the app is super secure and the data is fully encrypted using this Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and apple iOs is really easy and you can manually add the password in the app itself or whenever you are on the login page of any website you will see this
Dash Lane bubble and from here you can add the account you can also import your passwords which are already saved in your browser such now let me show you how this app works so I will go to this website and as soon as I’m on the login page you will see this floating bubble and you can choose your already added user details or add one for future
Auto login you can also enable auto- login from the settings which auto log-in if the app detects that here on the login page in the free version you can save up to 50 passwords which is really good apart from the passwords you have the option to save notes info payments and your IDs as well which you can access cross-platform dash line is free for life on your first device

Gesture plus

Gesture plus add a navigation button at the bottom of the screen by which you can easily launch any action on the app with just one tap you can set various functions such as toggle flashlight take screenshots etc the app supports single tap as well as long press to open an action you can set the action on the home screen as well as on the lock screen, for example, I have set up the Google now as a single tap on the home screen and on the lock screen
I have set it up for the flashlight and also on the home screen I have setup the long press to take a screenshot and as you can see it works perfectly overall a very handy app, in my opinion, there are a few functions which is available only in the pro version

Tile shortcuts

with this app you can open a favorite apps shortcuts and links anywhere at any time directly from the notification panel all you need to do is select the app to choose the icon and that’s it the tile is created now to add it you need to edit the notification tile section and then add the tile in the list with this app you can also add apps in the notification panel
I’ve been using this app to quickly open few apps which I use regularly and I don’t have to go through pages and the app drawer again and again you can also use this app to have a tile set as calculator phone mail etc overall I find this Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and apple iOs very useful so definitely download this one next
Check Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and apple iOs

Whale papers

whale papers is a wallpaper app which has good collection of HD wallpapers for your phone
I like this app very much as it’s simple to use and the collection in the app is unique and has a lot of beautiful wallpapers you can also see the wallpaper in full screen before applying or saving in your phone the wallpaper in the app are mainly on the flat minimal theme which
I prefer more these days overall if you’re looking for a new wallpaper app to try out this

My limit

first of all I’m totally against drink and drive and I do not encourage anyone to drink and drive now about the app this app helps you track your blood alcohol content so basically when you set up the app you would need to enter your weight and age and also you can set the BAC limit in the setting varies in different countries and states
For example in India its 0.03 percent or 30 mg alcohol in hundred ml blood now about the functionality what this app does is whenever you’re drinking you can record a type of drink and quantity in this you can also see how much alcohol content you have in your body in real time it also tells you when you go over the limit the app also has a timer where it shows you when you will be sober again
Overall the app is free and a very unique one you can also use this app for fun to find out your blood-alcohol content after drinking with your friends there is also a history section now which you can see your drinking habits


CRISPR is one more wallpaper app which is good collection of Ultra HD and 4k wallpapers there are a lot of wallpapers in the app and they’re also categorized very well now the main reason
I have listed is app is that apart from the wallpapers you also have the illustrations in the app which you can use in your pictures or projects you can also customize the color and background of the illustrations and in the wallpaper section you can also edit the wallpaper according to your choice you can edit basic things like contrast brightness etc but also apply different filters to give your wallpaper a unique look overall
I find this app good and I must say that the quality of the wallpapers in the app is pretty amazing I’m yet to find a wallpaper in the app which is of low resolution

Screen stopwatch

screen stopwatch is one more app by Google which is part of their digital well-being experiment now as the name suggests it’s a stopwatch for your screen so when you open the app you would need to set it up as a wallpaper now every time you unlock your phone you will see the timer is running this way you can see your daily screen on time and also keep a track of how much you’re using your phone apart from tracking the screen on time
I mainly use this app to see how much screen on time I’m getting and one single charge overall if you’d like to keep a track of your phone usage then uses wallpaper


tabs is the money organizer app which helps you with your money matters for example if we often split bills or expenses with your then tabs will help you to stay organized and keep a track of your money.
The app supports different currencies including INR tabs is really simple to use and you can open a tab by pressing this plus button enter the name how much they owe you or also in the case if you owe them you can also add here and lastly there is an once done you will see all the open tabs on your home screen now you can keep adding or subtracting the amount as and when required you can also see the history of close tabs when you swipe right on the home screen overall a very well design and a unique app to track and organize your money


I usually don’t include astrology related apps in this series but I find this app really good and easy to use costar is a personalized app which offers a lot of details about your horoscope you just need to enter your basic details and you’re ready to use the app and see your personalized horoscope device you can also see the
horoscope of any previous day or upcoming days the app offers a lot of features and if you are someone who like reading and knowing about horoscope then you will love the details you get in this app overall costar is a wonderful app to know about in horoscope you can also add friends and know about their horoscope as well so what are you wearing for download this hyper personalized horoscope app right no.
Check Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and apple iOs



Tody  is a smart cleaning app which helps you optimize and motivate your cleaning so in the app you can choose a location in your house such as kitchen office etc then add the tasks for that particular area the tasks include dusting mopping etc and you can set the cleaning frequency here and also the current condition of the place once done you will see when you would need to clean the area again with this bar if it needs cleaning
It will turn red you can also add different locations including outside areas such as garage lawn and so on overall it’s a very good app and me must-have app to organize cleaning at your home very easily the design of the app is really good and it is really easy to use as well so do check it out so that’s it guys is what Check and try these all Top 10 best apps for android mobile phones and Apple iOs

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