Chingari app Best Indian Chingari app for short video – Alternative app of Tik tok

Chingari app Best Indian Chingari app for short video - Alternative app of Tik tok

In this boycott China product movement of India here are the Chingari app best Indian short video Chingari app and alternative of Tiktok.

I know my friends most of the Indians hate this decision of India government because I don’t want to leave  Tik tok but don’t worry here is a gift for you by a Indian inventor.

The gift is Chingari app which is alternative of Tiktok app. Chingari app is a short video creation app which is developed by two Bengaluru based programmer name Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam.

Best things of this Indian Chingari app

This Indian Chingari app was first launched in 2018 November on Google Play and then launched on iOS in 2019 of January month.

The Indian Chingari app is more than 1 + million downloads on Play Store but after the decision of government to Boycott Chinese apps it will become more and more downloads on Play Store.

The reviews of this app on play store is very well and it is approx 4.5 + rating by the server which used these app except the tik tokers .

I know the ticktokers is also a Indian and have a great passion and talent while creating and showing on Tiktok they now can show at on this Indian free Chingari app.

To show your talent and skills rather than Tik Tok you can use this Chingari Indian app but you have to do one thing just sign up this app before using it.

Features of original Indian short app Chingari

  • This Indian Chingari app is free to use you can download it from Play Store
  • Latest Indian Chingari app is a best alternative of Tik Tok
  • Indus top Indian app you can create videos and earn rewards
  • This Chingari provides you a facility of various things like saying videos, news and provides you a gaming zone in a single login
  • In this original Indian app Chingari you can share this app and earn reward
  • As an Indian app it also worry about Indian language is so it is less with top Indian languages
  • The languages that Chingari app support is English, Hindi, Bengali Malayalam,Urdu, Marathi and many more
  • You will find trending news, entertaining news , funny videos , song ,love quotes and many more.

Frequently asked questions

What are the alternative of xender?

There are many alternative of xender like google files by google

What are the alternative of camscanner?

There are variou app on internert which help you to create the PDF file of your document file like camscanner.
Such as Adobe reader and Tapscanner

One thought on “Chingari app Best Indian Chingari app for short video – Alternative app of Tik tok

  • July 8, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    Very well done nice app of India.
    I will definitely use it


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