Exercise to lose belly fat for man and women at home in a weak

 Exercise to lose belly fat for man and women at home in a weak

Today,I will tell you the various Exercise to lose belly fat for man and women in the simple pro tips and tricks in this articles free of costs ant
Exercise to lose belly fat

 Exercise for lower belly fat

Abdominal fat usually becomes a cause for concern. Instead of doing heavy exercises, do some easy exercises at home. For this, a medium-sized Quran is needed. It is easy to do and also profitable.



Exercise for belly fat

Leg lift

Exercise to lose belly fat


Sit on the ground. Attach the legs upright and fold the cushion between the two ankles. Move both hands behind the waist and the palms rest on the ground to support the body. According to the picture, bend the knees near the chest and then take it straight to normal. Repeat for 15-20 seconds.
Exercise to lose belly fat


Lie straight and place a cushion under the hips. Place the second cushion between the two palms and place the hands in the front parallel to the chest. Take the cushion so big that it comes easily between the hands. Now, raising the legs together, lift them slightly above the ground and bring them parallel to the hands as per the picture. Stay in this state for a few seconds. Keep neck also straight. Then bring the hands and feet back to normal. Repeat this several times.

Exercise to lose belly fat in a weak

V-ups lift

Exercise to lose belly fat
Lie straight and keep your feet straight. Holding the cushion between the two palms, place them on the stomach and elbows on the ground. Now raise the shoulders and legs including the head slightly above the ground. Move the hands up with the cushions (as pictured) and then bring them down. Repeat this for 20 seconds at high speed.

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Home remedies for diabetes


A diabetic patient feels more thirsty. Therefore, in the state of thirst again and again, squeezing lemon in water and drinking it, the excess of thirst is relaxed.


Diabetic patients are advised to take less and light meals from hunger. In this case, cucumber when hungry againCan eat This will also fill the stomach and it is also light.


Diabetic patient should take taroi, gourd, parwal, spinach, papaya etc. Turnip also reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Eat turnip vegetables, parathas, salads. Jamun-jamun is said to be the fruit of a diabetic patient, it will not be an exaggeration, because its kernels, bark, juice and pulp are all beneficial in diabetes.

Java Plum

Dry the kernels of berries and keep the powder. Two to three times a day, taking three grams of powder with water reduces the amount of sugar in the urine.

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