How to care yourself by little exercise of one minute when you injured at home

How to care yourself by little exercise of one minute when you injured


How to care yourself by little exercise of one minute when you injured

A little exercise of one minute can make bones strong

This is sports injury. In this injury, strain, sprain, swelling of muscles, tearing of muscles, breaking of bones or moving from their place and ligament rupture. Cricket, football, basketball, badminton, hockey players are at high risk. There is more running in it. Therefore, injuries related to the feet are more. Injuries to the knees cause swelling and pain there.

  • 10% — In players, injury is feared due to lack of proper rules of the games.
  • 1,000 —Of these, about 36 sports players are expected to be injured.
  • 50%–Sports injury cases can be stopped. Therefore caution is necessary.

Signs of ligament injury

Most cases of ligament injury are due to pressure or stretch. Severe pain in that part or joints and there is swelling, feeling of weakness or difficulty in walking. Sometimes it hurts so much that the movement stops completely.

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What to do if you are hurt,

How to care yourself by little exercise of one minute when you injured

let the patient rest on injury. Do not move the input portion. This may cause broken bones to move from their place. The problem can be serious. Pain and swelling due to the movement of bone, muscles can also burst. In such a situation, tie the bandage there correctly.

Bake with ice

 if there is any injury, immediately compress it with ice. Ice is cold This not only reduces inflammation but also reduces pain due to reduced blood circulation. In such a situation, the problem may increase if we compress hot. Hot compress should only be done on chronic injury.

The danger of playing without warm-up

 that more players or someone must warm-up before starting the exercise. If you do not warm-up, then the probability of injury increases up to 10 times. Warmup increases the body’s flexibility and makes the body ready for exercise. The balance of the body remains correct. Avoid exercising if there is any problem or pain in the body.

Takes to be 6 weeks to recover sports injury

Takes up to 6 months. Six months of time also require surgery. Arthroscopy (binocular surgery) is performed in the ligament injury. Medicines and Physiotherapy  Is also necessary.

In this way, do these exercises with injury, do regular scott hold, ankle rotation, shoulder rotation to strengthen bones. The shoulder press can be regular for shoulder press and glued bridge for hip.

Follow small tricks for about 20 times a day, standing on one leg for one minute each. Do this repeatedly with both feet. You can also talk to mobile while brushing it. Sitting on the office or chair, rotate the wrists of hands and feet. This also strengthens the ligament. Standing biceps, laterals and coiffures can also be done.

Exercise for other parts:

During the activity of essential sports, only one part of the player’s body remains strong, such as footballer’s feet and badminton and tennis player’s hands. Therefore, there is a possibility of injury in other organs. Therefore a warm-up is necessary first. Keep the body hydrated, the risk of injury decreases. Drink 150 mL of water every hour.

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