Top 10 Indian Brands (Company) with Chinese Investment In This Year

Top 10 Indian Brands (Company) with Chinese Investment In This Year

Top 10 Indian brands with Chinese Investment or top Indian brands in which China is investing. It is a very important topic to discuss.

Although there are many companies in India that have investments from outside companies, in this article, you will know which Indian brands are there in which China has a lot of investment.

This is what I am going to tell you about the Indian brands, all these brands are only invested in China by the Chinese.

Although there are many small companies in India and many big ones that have more investment in China, in this, you will know the top Indian brands in which China is investing and China’s company is investing.

And various Chinese apps are also available in the Indian audience we have to remove that also.

A few days ago, there was some heated talk between China and India, near Galvan Valley, about which more news was shown in the media.
By the way, Coronavirus has caused havoc all over the world and all countries are trying to get rid of it.

In the meantime, in order to maintain India’s economy, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a campaign of aatm nirvhar Bharat , which is in full swing.

The people of India have made up their minds to boycott more and more Chinese products to teach China a lesson and they are also starting a campaign of Boycott Chinese Products.

In this list, there are more than 10 top companies of India in which China has an investment of more than 1000 crores or is going to invest and some new Indian startups are also included in this list.

First Indian company with Chinese investment


Snapdeal is the top Indian shopping company in which China owns investment by China.

Snapdeal is India’s well-known online shopping company that sells online Gods and Products.

Snapdeal is India’s top eCommerce company with a Chinese investment of 5320 crores.

Second company that has Chinese investment


Swiggy is India’s top food selling company in which Chinese investment or, say, China has a stake.

Swiggy Is The Largest And Most Valuable Online Food Ordering And Delivery Platform In Which China Invested

Swiggy Company was formed in 2014 with its headquarter in Bangalore

100 seats of Swiggy India deliver their food in this and are also increasing their food delivery cities.

Chinese investment in Swiggy was $ 80 million in 2017

Currently, Swiggy is India’s top food ordering company and China has an investment of 3800 crores rupees.

We have to remind all these Indian companies that we have to boycott Chinese products and services and create our own.

Third Indian Company with Chinese Investments

Ola cab

Ola Cab is India’s best and unique service providing company with China investment.
Ola Cab is a transporting company that provides cabs for moving from one location to another.

Ola cab also provides its services overseas in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

Ola Cab has more than 1500000 drivers listed, providing its services in 250 cities in India.

About 3800 crore rupees are considered in Chinese investment Ola company in the year of 2019 and 2020

Fourth company with Chinese Money in India

As being an Indian, you all must know Paytm is the first company to provide India’s top online payment system.

Paytm was the first to bring the opportunity of the online payment system in India, so that you can make online payments and many other types of online work.

In Paytm you can do many types of tasks like online money payment online recharge online bill payment

But you will be surprised to know that the indigenous company in Paytm also has Chinese investment in it.

China’s valuable investment of 3040 crores in Paytm is being considered in the year from 2019 to 2020.

Fifth company that has Chinese investment


You all know Flipkart very well, it is an Indian online shopping company. Flipkart’s swork is similar to Snapdeal’s company which sells online products and goods for good offers and low prices.

SnapdealWatch Flipkart was both India’s top online product selling company but is no longer

Flipkart has been bought by American company Walmart and has taken its stake in it up to 70%, so you cannot call it an Indian company.

But Flipkart also has a Chinese investment in which many Chinese companies are investing and it has a Chinese investment of Rs 2280 crore.

Sixth company that has money  which China


BigBasket is the top Indian grocery company which serves organic food to the people

Big basket is the only Indian grocery online platform which provides this facility to the Indians and it is the best platform to buy vegetables and fruits

BigBasket company was founded by Indians in 2011 which is operated now in 30 cities of India

In this Big basket company the China investment is very big, it is approx 19 crore rupees

Seventh company that has China partnership or refunded


You all know very well about Zomato it is an Indian food delivery company and online grocery company that was invested by China

When you are walking on road you also a delivery boy with a red color square box named Zomato in his box is a delivery boy of online Zomato company

Zomato work like a restaurant and online shop which provides you delicious food at your home in a single click of your order

Zomato also has a Chinese investment approx 1520 crore rupees

Eight company that has China investment in India


You all know very well Hike Messenger app but you don’t know it is an Indian messenger app which is available on the internet

As I described in the above line that it is the only top Indian Messenger App which is providing the same facility and free to use as a WhatsApp

But the today matter is different and this Indian Technology Hike Messenger App has an investment with China it is approx 1140 crore rupees

Ninth company that has China money included in his venture

Paytm Mall

You all know about Paytm and Paytm Mall to it is an online e-commerce company that provides you a facility like a Flipkart or Amazon

It is an Indian company and a product of Paytm where you can buy your favorite products at affordable prices

But the Paytm Mall also has a China investment approves 1140 crore rupees

Tenth company that has China investment

Oyo rooms

I know you all are traveling all over the world and visited some hotel somehow

But can you imagine when you visit a hotel and it is named as Oyo room many of them think it is a foreign company and Idea

But let me tell you that Oyo Rooms is an Indian company for hotel rooms and room services which provide you the facility of the hotel room of every type.

Oyo room is a unique and best startup which is invented by an Indian boy whose age is approx 23 years these Oyo room company operated a different 10 countries of the world

Oyo room also have a China investment approx 760 crore rupees

Eleventh company which China investment


Byju is the Indian best online learning platform which provides you a facility to study at your home

Byju company is also the investment of China which is approx 320 crore rupees.

List of Chinese app banned by Indian government

here are various apps in internet but approx 59 apps are there which is banned by Indian government on 29th June

what is the favourite Chinese app by Indians

Tik Tok is the favourite Chinese app used by Indians it is approx 500 million + downloads on Play Store

what is the alternative of xender application of China

there are various apps on internet but the facility that xender provides you cannot get anywhere but here are the best xender alternative app is Google files by Google

what is the alternative app of CamScanner

CamScanner is the best PDF creator app available on internet which is the Chinese product but as the campaign is run to Boycott Chinese product the CamScanner can be replaced by Adobe Reader and tapscanner which is a product of USA and USA means trust

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