100% Trusted Best Online Payment Apps in India -Free Online Pay Paymentment Gateway

100% Trusted Best Online Payment Apps in India -Free Online Pay Paymentment Gateway

As you all know it is the 21st century and era of the Internet world. So make your valuable work easier and faster with these trusted online payment apps in India which provide free online payment gateway to you.

I know you all are not familiar with this online payment system but as you use it at becoming more familiar when your previous one.

Most of the Indians are using direct cash for their payment and it is in their daily habitual unit of mind.

So if you are thinking that online payment apps are not secure than your previous payment method I will suggest the best online payment apps in India to overcome this problem.

So guys in this article you will know about free online payment apps that you can use in India to pay your money to someone.

These free online payment apps 100% secure and less with all the valuable feature which you can experience nowhere.

Best free online payment app – Google pay

Google Pay

Google pay is an extraordinary online platform to pay money from someone.

Google pay is the product of world biggest company named as Google

Talking about security as you know Google pay is a product of Google it means it is less with a 100% secure online payment gateway system.

Google ensures its security and privacy to the user and provides an extraordinary graphic user interface to make online payment easy and compatible with the user.

Google pay provides you videos facility which you can get after using it for online payment apps.

As Google is the number one company in the world then its product Google pay is also the best product for you to make internet banking and online payment

Google pay is previously known as Google Tez

Google pays not only used by the Indian audience but it is famous worldwide and most of the countries are preparing it without any hesitation.

Google pay reviews on the internet

  • Google pay online payment app is launched on 17th September 2017.
  • Google pay has more than 100 + million download on Play Store
  • Google pay has a 3 🌟 rating on Play Store
  • It has a 4 million-plus user reviews
  • You can download it in only less than 15 MB

100% Trusted Best Online Payment Apps in India -Free Online Pay Paymentment Gateway

Features of online payment app Google pay

  • It is simple and best secure online payment app provided by Google
  • Have an opportunity to do UPI money transfer with this app.
  • You can do mobile recharge, bill payment, payment to different businesses.
  • You can get a reward from successful payment on Google pay
  • You can get the latest prepaid and postpaid mobile recharge plan updates
  • You can conveniently pay your water bill, landline bill and broadband connection bill, etc
  • You can check your main account balance on this online payment app
  • Google pay online payment app provides us facility of QR code.
  • In this free online payment app, you can book bus tickets, flight ticket
  • India’s best online payment app you can also order your meal.
  • You can receive or send your money directly to your bank account in this online payment gateway.
  • In this online payment gateway, you can also send a gift card to your well-wisher.

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Indian best online payment app – Paytm


Paytm is the Indian best online payment app which we are using for several years.

Paytm is the trusted and certified Indian online payment app in this online payment gateway market where we can put our trust on this app.

Paytm is handcrafted and manufactured by Indian swadeshi company.

The owner of Paytm is also an Indian so the value of this app also increases for every Indian.

Paytm is the II best online payment app after Google pay and most used by Indian audiences nowadays.

Paytm is handcrafted by an one97 communication company in India.

100% Trusted Best Online Payment Apps in India -Free Online Pay Paymentment Gateway

Paytm online features and review

  • It is released on 30 April 2012.
  • It has over 7 million reviews of active users on the play store.
  • This free online payment app user rating approx 3+ 🌟 on play store.
  • This online free app has more than 100+ million  downloads on play store

Best features of the online payment app Paytm

  • It is an easy and secure app for online transactions.
  • It completed it’s 300 million+downloads.
  • You can do bank to bank money transfer.
  • You can pay your money for online and offline stores to buy this online payment app.
  • You can use it’s UPI facilities for UPI online transaction.
  • You can check your bank balance amount instantly.
  • Have a tremendous facility off mobile recharge and bill payments
  • Paytm allows you to book a flight, ticket bus ticket and many more
  • All type of online recharge you can do with this online payment app Paytm
  • The level you can pay your LIC premium and health insurance premium
  • You can do your metro card recharge too.

You can use the best facility fo Paytm which is Paytm first.

Paytm first is the best way of entertainment where you can get an extra discount on every deal you crack and everything you purchase.

Free online shopping payment apps –  Amazon pay

Amazon pay

Amazon is a well-known brand of the world and I know that you also listened about that in your past.

I know most of the audience of worldwide aware of the Amazon shopping platform but don’t know about the Amazon online payment service.

Amazon online payment service is the best service for the Amazon used to pay directly to the product which we purchase from Amazon.

Amazon is an online shopping platform and has the App Amazon pay to pay your money directly through any purchase without any personal bank account.

Amazon Pay is the online payment wallet where you can store your money and pay your money directly to any purchase of goods.

Amazon pay is now a worldwide famous app for doing online payment for free and also used by the Indian audience to do the same.

As there is no specified app of Amazon pay for online payment you can get it inside the Amazon official app.

You can get it into the Amazon official app to pay your money and get rewards by Amazon

The extraordinary feature of online payment App Amazon pay

  • It is the world’s largest online shopping platform.
  • You can get great shopping and online payment experience on this app.
  • Faster and safer UPI payment options are also available.
  • Instant money transfer feature also present there
  • Bill payment is very fast and easy by this free online payment app
  • It provides you the facility of safe and secure payment.
  • You can less with the Exclusive deal any purchase

Free Indian online payment app – Phonepe


Phonepe is the Indian online payment system that is handcrafted and founded by Sameer Nigam and Rahul Chari.

Indian online payment app phonepe is the only one that is less with a unified payment interface also known as UPI.

The headquarter of this online payment app is situated in Karnataka Bangalore of India and situated in 2015.

Phone per is the only online payment app till now which is available on 11 different languages.

This app also has all the features which I described in the above article for your mobile recharge, online payment, money transfer and every type of bill payment

The best feature of phonepe wallet

  • This app provides you a separate wallet to store your money
  • Online payment app phonepe helps you to pay online
  •  you can do your all type of recharge and bill payment by this app
  • One extraordinary feature of this app is you can invest in Gold also.
  • This app also provides you the facility Tu to send money and receive through Bank.
  • It also has a QR code facility to do online transaction
  • This is an Indian app so it is 100% secure and faster

999 % trusted Indian online payment apps – BHIM App 


This app is the best app ever which I suggested to you above in this article because this app is recommended by the Indian government.

It is the most powerful and secure app for the Indian audience because this is suggested by the Indian government too.

You can blindly believe in this app to do online transactions it is 100% Indian app fast and Secure to use.

It is developed by the Indian government for the Indian user company name is NPCI National Payment Corporation of India.

This online payment app Bhim also called a Bharat Interface for money.

Tremendous secure feature of this online payment apps Bheem

  • It is a certified and most secure app for an Indian audience
  • You can do blind faith in this app.
  • The payment speed is very fast in this app
  • UPI transfer is the best feature of this app
  • You can use it as a wallet to store your money and use it fast at the time of requirement.
  • It also provides your facility of a QR code scanner to pay your money.
  • It is recommended by the Indian government also which is a plus point for this app.

True Indian online payment app MobiKwik


Mobikwik is only an Indian mobile payment app where you can get the touch of the Indian company.

Mobikwik is an online payment app developed by an Indian company in 2009 and both authentication in 2013 by the government Reserve Bank of India.

This online payment app is the best online payment app that you can prefer to do online payment and save time and your money it is secure too.

The best feature of this app

  • This app provides you safe and Secure online payment
  • It provides you us separate semi wallet to store your money
  • You can do basic work for this app like recharges and bill payment
  • You can transfer your money one bank account to another
  • It has various other facilities too

World’s best online payment apps and its services – PayPal


Paypal is the extraordinary and reminder app for online payment and it is the best online payment gateway to do online transactions worldwide.

Paypal is a worldwide app and most commonly used by foreign people for online transactions and online payment.

It is most commonly used for a large business and for large payments which you can transact into another country.

Paypal is the only app that is using by all over the world people and it is founded by Elon Musk which ensures it’s 100% secure and safe.

The security of this app is extremely tremendous and it is very fast and reliable to use this online payment gateway system.

Paypal is the only everywhere you can trust to do the worldwide transactions and online payment without any hesitation and you can faith blindly on it.

Paypal has all the facilities which other online payment apps have and it has various tremendous features.

Online rating of this extraordinary Paypal App

  • This is the best app for worldwide online transaction
  • This has a 1 million user review experience
  • This app has a three-star rating on Play Store
  • People online payment app have a 100 million + unique download on Play Store

Interior feature of this app

  • You can do simply and Secure online transaction
  • It is less with extremely high Paypal security
  • You can do mobile recharge, bill payment, online transaction by this app
  • It is a worldwide multi-user app
  • It reduces your interdependency on other online payment apps
  • This app is developed in the USA
  •  You can link your bank account directly by this app 

Conclusion of the best online payment apps

All the apps are very very good for you. But you have to take care of the basic thing while using these apps like you have to be aware of your location and devices where you are using it.

Remember my friends you have to be careful while using these apps don’t send and OTP or permanent password to anyone  

Which is the most common online payment apps?

There are various apps that provide the same facilities and functions your you. And all are best for you but you have to choose according to your condition.

Most common online payment apps in India?

There are various online payment apps available in the market but most commonly used by the Indian audience is Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pay.
For worldwide transaction most fo the Indian’s are using Paypal

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