Top 5 Strategies And Tested Ideas To Become Genius In Life

How to Increase your IQ score to become Genius In Life and get Success very Fast

Top 5 Strategies And Tested Ideas To Become Genius In Life

If you want Know how much genius you are from your IQ score than this article only for you because here I will tell you Worlds Top 5 strategies and tested ideas to become genius in life.

So If you are ready to get these strategies and ideas to become a successful genius person in life so read this article carefully.

If you are excited to become a genius then I will also tell you the ideas and tested tips and tricks to increase your IQ score too.

First I will tell you the worlds top intelligent genius person and genius theories and IQ score

Required IQ score to become genius  in life according to theories

Born in 1898 in New York City, US, William James has an intelligence quotient ie IQ score of between 250 and 300.

He was just five years old when he learned many languages ​​including typing, as well as Greek, Latin, French, Russian, German, and English.

Not only this, but he also applied for admission to Harvard University at the age of six and finally he became successful at the age of eleven.

There are many examples in the world who have achieved the status of being genius due to their high IQ score.

Knowing these, every person, whether a student or a professional, definitely has a question whether the IQ level is fixed or can be increased.

In fact, neuroscientists are now clear that adults can change their IQ levels by adopting certain methods.

What is a genius IQ score?

The intelligence quotient was developed in 1912 by psychologist William Stern. For this, he put 100 as the median score.

According to the theory of IQ of two-thirds of the population, 85 to 115 is new whereas 2.5% is above 130 and less than the same number.

Once your score touches 110, it is considered foliage, strong intelligence between 110 and 119, extremely strong intelligence between 100 and 140, and above 140 indicating that you are a genius.

It is interesting to know that celebrities like Scientist Albert Einstein (IQ score between 160 and 100), cosmologist Christopher Hirata (Iq 225) physicist Stephen Hawking (Iq score 160), Chase player Gary Kasparov (194), to include his name in Iqya’s world record. Huh.

Top Free test to become genius and  know your IQ score for free of cost

Know your score from these free tests If you want to know your IQ score from home, then there are many online tests that you can take help of. Know about four such tests


You can take the Mensa Workout free test to know the IQ score. In this 30-minute test, you are asked 30 questions. This test is available from children to adults.

IQ test Center

This test can be taken by children from 8 years old to 60 years old. The test asks 60 questions for which no time limit has been set.


People of all ages can take this test. In this test of 26 minutes 15 seconds, you have to answer 35 questions. |

10 -TET.DK

In this test, you are given a total of 40 minutes to solve 39 questions based on logic. There is no age limit for those who know their IQ through the test.

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Now in the above article, you already covered a topic of the top free test to know your IQ score and how to increase it very fast.

Now you will see or learn how to improve and increase your  IQ score with free tips and tricks. So If you are ready to Let’s go further

Top 5 Best Strategies And Tested Ways Yo Improve IQ Score

Play chess:

Playing chess activates both sides of the brain thus strengthening the corpus callosum.

The corpus callosum is the part of the brain that connects the two parts. Experts believe that behind Albert Einstein’s sharp mind was his strong corpus callosum.

Because of this, they could use both parts of their brain at the same time.

According to a study in Venezuela, children who took Chase’s classes for 14 weeks showed significant increases in their IQ.

Similarly, a study by Flinders University in Australia also came out of the fact that the IQ level of the players playing Chase is better.

Run fast:

In neuroscience, it is clearly stated that aerobic exercise is very beneficial for your brain.

In fact, the workout is more helpful in increasing your IQ than any online brain game.

According to a study done in Sweden, cardiovascular fitness can increase your verbal intelligence by up to 50 percent. According to Maria Aberg, who led this study, cardiovascular fitness affects your intelligence more than strong muscles.

In such a situation, if you want to be smart, then do not just do weight lifting and reprint means run fast.

Set focus:

There are many studies that say for becoming a genius in life meditating for only 20 minutes a day reduces your stress levels along with improving your mood and improves your brain skills.

If you take 20 minutes of your internet circling time and meditate with the help of apps like Calm or Headspace, then you will be able to work towards making yourself smart.

Get plenty of sleep :

According to the Sleep Research Center of the UK’s Loughborough University, reducing your hour by eight hours of required sleep every night may reduce your IQ level.

According to a report, if a person is able to get two hours of sleep regularly, then a person with a normal IQ can reach the borderline of retard.

Learn new languages:

According to neuroscience, learning no language helps in the development of your ben.

Learning the New Testament using the new language makes your cortical thick and also increases the size of the hippocampus. Which works to sharpen your memory.

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