Top ten best apps for home workers – free access in android and iOS

Top ten best apps for home workers free access in android and iOS

House party

House party this app is not new and is there for quite some time now about this app house party is a face-to-face social network where you can connect with your friends and family so in this difficult time when we all are at home and to pass the time you can use this app. House party you can do a video call with your friends and family in the app up to six of your friends can join the room and from here you can start talking of our fun play games your friends a test prep via draw etc and about the games I really like playing games with my friends and family and it’s a good time to pass the quality of the video call is also pretty good.


Metropolis is a live wallpaper app which offers pixel-like live wallpapers but with more details so when you open the app you will see different famous locations mainly from North America but the best part is that here you have the life or paper of this location with 3d buildings As you can see you can swipe across the screen the city also rotates to match your gesture which looks wonderful the 3d building in this wallpaper looks wonderful but sadly only North America is available nonetheless the detail looks good. And to be honest most of these location looks wonderful on the home screen and guys for this app as well we have 50 promo codes which will unlock all the locations as well as give you the access to pro features

Almighty volume keys

Almighty volume keys help you to remove the hardware volume buttons of your phone with this app you can do more than just changing the volume for example, volume up will turn on the flashlight change screen orientations. So on and here is a list of the actions you can perform you can assign the action on the single double and triple volume up and down, for example, I have assigned the double volume up for flashlight and as you can see it works perfectly and here is one more Where I have assigned the triple volume up for screen orientation and as you can see it changes the screen orientation apart from that you can assign different action for the volume keys but in the free version you can only assign two actions at a time the pro version of the app will allow you to remove this restriction Top ten best apps for home workers free access in android and iOS

Say cheese

Say cheese allows you to take group selfies using two phones so I’m sure you probably know the situation when you go out on a trip with your friends or family anyone to click a group picture but can’t find anyone to help you with taking the picture now in this scenario this app will be very helpful with Satie’s, you can control your friend’s phone camera remotely So you can connect two phones like this and now you will see the same preview on your phone and after that, you can just place one phone somewhere and see the preview on the other phone and click the picture you can also switch to video mode right from the app as well apart from that, you can also enable the flashlight switch camera set delay timer and lot more I find this app really helpful and unique apart from the camera control you can also use this app to remote-control an old phone for baby monitoring or use it as a security camera the pro version of this app enables different features it has zoom control and so on and for this app the developer gave standard promo codes which will unlock the promo code

Flter box

The filter box is a notification manager which allows you variety of functions with filter box you can keep all the notification history in the form of a timeline, this app allows you to see the notification history at one place and I find this app really helpful as you can see the details of the notification which you might have removed by mistake and in the app, you will see the timeline of all the notification you can also restore the 20 recent notifications you have dismissed back to the notification panel There is also analytic data available which shows you the overview and the daily view overall I find it a very helpful the design is good and you also get a fingerprint lock support initially you will get 30 days trial to use this app


Colors allows you to change your wallpaper to a random color when you double tap it’s really simple and you just need to set it as a wallpaper and then choose the color of your choice and now when you double tap on the screen it will show you the different shades of that particular color as a wallpaper. The app is really good specially for designers as apart from the different colors this app also shows you the hex color code at the bottom overall a simple yet very useful wallpaper app.

True amps

This app allows you to enable always-on display while charging your phone so when you plug in your phone for charging you will see this animation on the screen [Music] the app is wonderful Especially for phones with the AMOLED screen, you can also see different things it has music control a protip location icons right on the screen apart from that you also have the tested support true amp works on any Android phone but we recommend you to use this app with the AMOLED screen phone. The animation for the charging looks wonderful and you also have lot of options by which you can perform different tasks right from the charging screen overall true amps is a good app and also the developer of the app mention then it takes 0% CPU and very low system resources which sometimes is our main concern while using such kind of apps on our phone now for this app the developer

Formula lock screen

The formula lock screen is a custom lock screen app where you can choose different mass formula categories which will show you whenever you unlock the device so each time you unlock the device you will see a new formula on the lock screen This app helps you to memorize different math formulas as whenever you unlock your phone you will see the formula from the category you have selected you can also swipe right or left to see more formulas overall the app is going to be very helpful if you’re a math student. If you’re someone who keeps forgetting math formulas then to install this app right now at the moment is an app as only math formulas but in future, you will see physics and chemistry formulas as well next up is the Top ten best apps for home workers free access in android and iOS

App notifier

App notifier helps you to restore Google play’s missing app update and app install notification so basically if you’re unhappy with the Google’s removal of Play Store notification and with the help of this app you can see a notification each time an app is newly installed or updated on your phone so basically. This app is not doing anything apart from showing you the update notification which to me is very useful overall this app allows you to check which app or games are getting updated in the background and then you can check the new features and details.

Super status bar

Super status bar as useful tweaks to your status bar such as gestures notification preview and quick brightness and volume control so when you enable the app it will allow you to change the brightness of your phone right from the top of your screen so when you slide on the top of the screen you can adjust the brightness from there This app is really helpful as you can do a lot of changes without going to the notification panel apart from that it can also set custom action such as on double-tap single tap long press on the top of the screen and here you have actions a test screenshot lock screen enabled split-screen. In the app you can also change the status bar style and also add or remove status bar icons they resolve an option of battery bar which will display a current battery level on the top of the screen overall if you’re looking to customize the status bar of your phone then a super status bar is a wonderful app

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