50+ verified Chinese apps list to Boycott by Indian – Boycott Chinese product List in India

50+ verified Chinese apps list to Boycott by Indian - Boycott Chinese product List in India

Nowadays there was a conflict between China and India. The conflict between China and India has a negative impact on the Indian economy due to which we have to face various problems related to the economy in the future.

China also came on face to face with the Indian Army on Galvan’s belly and our soldiers also died.

To put a great impact on rivers the people of India decided to give him great disaster by boycotting their goods and services directly or indirectly.

We the people of India also have a responsibility to share the responsibility towards the nation.
As our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said we have to become aatm Nirman Bharat. And make our India aatm nirbhar.

During this campaign aatmnirbhar Bharatthere is a great side of boycotting the things of Chinese companies and China.

To do the same work in the Chinese product. I am providing you Top Chinese apps available in your phone and Indian market.

Some of these apps are also installed on your phone for several years so this is the time to uninstall it I will provide you the list of all those Chinese apps which we have to remove from our phones and Android devices.

So to share our responsibility and duty towards the nation we have to do and take some small steps towards it.

I know on this list there are various which you don’t want to uninstall but you have to see at least one time and think about it carefully.

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These all apps are 100% verified Chinese apps

50+ verified Chinese apps list to Boycott by Indian - Boycott Chinese product List in India

50+ verified Chinese apps list to Boycott

1 – Tik Tok
2 – Vault-Hide
3 – Vigo Video
4 – Bigo Live
5 – Weibo
6 – We Chat
7 – Share it
8 – UC News
9 – UC Browser
10 – Beauty plus
11 – Xender
12 – Club Factory
13 – Helo
14 – LIKE
15 – KWAI
17 – SHEIN
18 – News Dog
19 – Photo Wonder
20 – APUS Browser
21 – Viva Vide
22 – Perfect Corp
23 – CM Browser
24 – Virus Cleaner
25 – MI Community
26 – DU Recorder
27- You Cam Makeup
28 – MI Store
29 – 360 Security
30 – DU Battery Saver
31- DU Browser
32 – DU Cleaner
33 – DU Privacy
34 – Clean Master
35 – Cache Clear
36 – Baidu Translate
37 – Baidu Map
38 – Wonder Camera
39 – ES File Explorer
40 – QQ International
41 – QQ Launcher
42- QQ Security Centre
43 – QQ Player
44 – QQ Musi
45 – QQ Mail
46 – QQ News Feed
47 – We Sync
48 – Selfie City
49 – Clash of Kings
50 – Mail Master
51 – MI Video Call – Xiaomi
52 – Parallel Space
53 – QU Video Inc.

I know these apps are various useful for you but sometimes we have to do it for the nation and for welfare for our country to support its Unity.

We already hear or see in the news there are various campaigns run by the local people on teenagers to Boycott these apps and products to support our Indian Army and give a lesson to China.

There are many more Chinese apps present on the internet which you should aware of it and think before using it.

Most of the consumers and retailers also burning their Chinese products and helping the nation to encourage boycott Chinese product campaigns. 

If we together think about it and take a stand about the situation then it is not that much impossible to do.

Data of Chinese companies captured the Indian market.

About 78% of the mobile company captured the Indian market and selling their Chinese product and Chinese apps in India in huge quantities.

And 70% of the automobile sector is also captured by Chinese products and goods services which the Chinese providing to us at cheaper quantity.

About 40% approx of the Chinese companies directly funded in our India Company which we don’t know how much amount is that but I think it is a great massive amount.

Conclusion and my opinion to Boycott Chinese product

It is the time of great pandemic coronavirus where we all worry about human survival on the other hand Chinese product and Chinese apps and China disturb the Indians and worldwide by their bad activities.

So if you are ready to make great massive action to all the Chinese product then don’t think about anyone just do it and I am also deleting all these apps from my mobile to support India

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