Worlds top latest online games in India banned by Indian government

Worlds top latest online games in India – banned by Indian government

Worlds top latest online games in India - banned by Indian government
Worlds top online games in India banned by Indian government are having the various top listed worlds online games restricted in the nation or our country such as pubg,blue whale,pokemon go etc
Today,you will know about the Worlds top online games in India- banned games by Indian government due to various reasons and due to several restriction by the creaters of the games
Worlds top online games in India banned by Indian government have various reason to banned the games in India .Indian government find various top online games to banned in India which is not good for the citizen of the Nation too.
Reason why the Indian government banned the such online games in India are spritiuality,faith in good,religion,characters,postures,theam and content in the games are destructing the socioal norms of Indian people’s faith.
Worlds top latest online games in India - banned by Indian government
Shortly before today, people were fond of those who could upload expensive computers and gaming consoles, however much has changed today and people can also play games on their smartphones, the main reason behind this is smartphones and internet data. Not only is it cheaper, Indians are spending more than 1 hour on average playing games on mobile nowadays, video streaming platforms like Day Play is also 45 minutes more than Amazon Prime, etc. With 25 million price, India has joined the list of top 5 countries in the world playing mobile games. Looking at this figure, it can be said that if the number of India increases at the same speed If the day is not far when India will make its way to the top of this list, by 2020, it is expected that this number will reach 62 points to 8 crores. In this Hindi Hindiplayer online game launched in March, not only around the world, Indians have remained crazy but do you know that this time they are in countries around the world or they have faced criticism due to which different -were different
But when it comes to India, one has to take a lot of care because it is wrong for someone that something is wrong for someone recently. Recently, it is still spread in India on social media due to the ban of the pubic game which Was not quite right but today we will tell you about some games which have either reached the verge of getting banned in India or have to face a lot of criticism by Indians.
Worlds top online games in India banned Pokemon Go
Worlds top latest online games in India - banned by Indian government
Pokemon Go
Do you know that a PIL was filed in the High Court against Pokémon Go because A game hurt religious sentiments. Actually the game featured eggs in the temple premises. Those who hurt the religious sentiments of the people of Hindu and Jainism, along with this game was also claimed to be risky for the people as many people were killed all over the world while playing this game and in India its Due to many accidents, the game was also called a threat to National Security because this place can be removed and accused of interfering in the privacy of people. But the High Court refused to ban the game that if your religious sentiments are hurt then you should not play it is up to you to play the game slowly enough. But in countries like Saudi Arabia Iran Turkey, Islam’s religious Was made to hurt feelings

This multiplayer game for a multi roaming game is also banned in India because in this game you will find a a mini creature of of pokemons as well as a cartoon form of Pokemon in the place where you have to focus to roaming here and there as well as get indulging in the finding or search of Pokemon to collect it and grab it into the Pokemon case and increase your label it is very harmful to you to use this game and play this game because it can be everywhere you can get the Pokemon or cartoon form of Pokemon which is everywhere on this earth because the creator fix their place by which you have to go and reach to their place to get the Pokemon which is very dangerous and harmful for the human

Worlds top online games in India banned Overwatch



Worlds top latest online games in India - banned by Indian government
 Best multiplayer first person shooting video game published by Dilshard Entertainment Company on all platforms in May 2016. This video game features a character named Sumitra who is depicted in a black mother’s dress and color in a skin named Devi. I had complained to USB Universal Society of Hindu and new video game maker Dildar through his blog. Naka used to say that Maa Kali is a powerful Hindu goddess who is depicted in a very objectionable way or is not equal to messing with companies that make similar to anyone else. Our feelings are there was a lot of protest in India too, but nothing came out.
Worlds top online games in India banned Mite
The multiplayer online Battle Arena video game Might, produced by Hi Ray, also demanded a ban on the fact that the game’s character, like the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, has been designed to be exactly like the Watch game, but the game is also not President of the Universal Society of Hindu Inn Had raised the finger and wanted the goods to be removed from the black fire and this game because it is a question of our faith to take a Catholic and Buddhism protest against this Gone participated in the rush, due to which Hi Studio immediately removed the photo of Maa Kali from its website. Need to show respect and show responsibility and demand to remove the deities.

Worlds top online games in India banned Dragon Age


Dragon Age

Inquisition is an action RPGN Aeroplane game for which Indian enthusiasts are very excited about the release.Many of the games made the snake game preorder but when they came to know that A game was stopped before release in India, then everyone’s expectations But the reason for the ban of this game has gone again, in which game are you given gender romance, which according to Indian law is wrong, it is not official statement India Anyone who ordered from Kistan and Bangladesh, their money will be refunded and this game is not being released in India because you do not want to violate India, a game in which you can do anything.

Worlds top online games in India banned Mekla Devine


Mekla Devine

Mekla is an action-packed shooter game. The main characters on this day are the science exams who wipe out the devils to avenge their mother. 13 of the third edition of this day features a door that shows the milk world as a Separates the world of devils from the other and a real world.
People seeking demonic power cross the door to the demonic world and worship the devil but If you look carefully, this door is shown exactly like the door of Kaaba Sharif, that is, directly, the priests of the devils have been told to the Muslims that the Muslims around the world were fiercely opposed

Worlds toppest  online games in India banned Call of duty

Worlds top latest online games in India - banned by Indian government


Call of duty

 Won the most liked computer for social action game of the year award in the world, this game has shown about the gold votes but the game developer tried to degrade Islam religion in many places in this game which is their mentality As shown in the Call of Duty Modern Boss Air Two, in one part of this game we can see how the Quranic scripts are written on this photo frame and this photo exactly 40
It is installed on the feet i.e. in the toilet room, which is considered to be a nefarious place in any religion but did not stop here, they showed the person in a cupboard but the problem is that by using it to move forward After this game, the Quran is written within the next over of the Call of Duty game. After this game, Muslims from all over India raised their voice against them by mocking Islam.

Worlds top online games in India banned Fallout 3

Worlds top latest online games in India - banned by Indian government

 Fallout 3

Fall Out is a Dragon game and it was also not released in India by the game developer. The reason was that the game featured a two-headed cow named Brahmin and did not want to hurt the feelings of Hindus on both the games. His statement, but let us tell you that at that time the market for room clean games in India was small, that something sold in India does not want to be changed for copy Bhima. If the land was rejected due to the atomic bomb in Japan and not Australia, then they immediately changed the game and released it because Japan Australia from their market than India

Worlds top online games in India banned Resident evil


Resident evil

Resident Evil 1 is a survival horror game, because of which its popular parts have been released, the journey has been inspired by which game, Hollywood movie of Resident Evil has been made to freeze, maybe you must have seen this game too like Call of Duty. The religion of Islam has been insulted many times, as in this game, Quran Sharif has been shown falling on the ground in many places, and not only that, in this day, Satan A door to enter the world was shown which resembles the door of the Masjid-e-Nabvi, if you remove it, then the door is exactly like the door of Masjid-e-Nabvi i.e. in which game the developers made the world of Satan I told the door to go to Masjid-e-Nabvi, due to which the game got a lot of criticism in India as well as other countries.

Resident Evil game is a fully Zombie based game where you have to kill the Zombie and clear the The Grid as well as your next label to reach the top label you have to kill or clear the task in this game which is very tough as well as harmful for you and it will affect your daily routine and you will become tidy or stickiness in while playing this game.

Worlds top online games in India banned Prince of persia

Worlds top latest online games in India - banned by Indian government

Prince of persia

 Adventure is an action video game that has a lot of popularity between the game and its popularity so much that the game inspired Hollywood to become Hollywood movies and that too was liked by the people. The main character of this game is shown the print of Persia which is of Muslims. Shehzada is and he faces many different problems with his sword and moves forward to save his princess alone. Comes in front of him, he kills him with his sword, but the bloodshed does not appeal to the Muslims of India as well as the world. The budget sword is written in Arabic language on the sword, that means the training goes forward that the belief in bringing Muslim forward They therefore criticized the Muslim.

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